You are my Inspiration!


Will you help me to make my dream come true?

I would love you to write the english foreword for my ayurvda book!

Hi, my name is Janna Scharfenberg

  • Medical Doctor
  • Ayurvedic Doctor & Practitioner
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Health & Nutrition Coach
  • Founder & Owner of IN GOOD HEALTH
  • Mum of an awesome 15-month old toddler
book proposal


And I am on a big mission:

  • I want to support people here in Europe to incorporate the wonderful knowledge of Ayurveda in their live to live full of energy, abundance and healthy
  • this is why I not only work with private clients, groups and in corporate health but also run my weekly podcast which thousands of people listen to


And now I am going to publish a book!!



  • Publisher: Random House
  • Publishing Date: May 2019
  • Category: Health, Top Title, Press Title
  • Content:
    • Ayurveda & Western Medicine to adress the biggest health issues of Europeans
    • including Stress & Burn-Out, Obesity, IBS, etc.
    • combining scientific research with ancient knowledge
    • giving insights and guidance for living a holistic and healthy life


I would be so honoured to have you as one of my biggest inspirations & mentors to write the english foreword (or maybe also invite you on my podcast 🙂

Please contact me any way that suits you best and I will send you further informations:


Janna Scharfenberg

Maneggstrasse 73

8041 Zürich

0041 79 94 282 34




in good health - janna scharfenberg