PE 114 | KUNDALINI BUSINESS COACHING Strategie und Spiritualität, Experteninterview mit Brianna Rose (auf Englisch)

28 Mai 2019 |

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In diesem Interview spreche ich mit Brianna Rose. Sie ist Kundalini Business Coach und hilft Frauen dabei durch Energiearbeit, Yogatechniken und Business Strategien ihr Business ganzheitlich und gesund aufzubauen.

Brianna vereint hierbei Kundalini Techniken, Yoga-Übungen, Energiearbeit, einen gesunden Lebensstil und klare Business Strategien zu einem starken Gesamtkonzept.


In diesem Interview lernst du:

  • warum der Aufbau eines Business v.a. mit dem richtigen Energielevel zu tun hat
  • wie du Business & Spiritualität miteinander vereinen kannst
  • Briannas spannenden Weg
  • was du jetzt für dein eigenes Energielevel tun kannst
  • warum Manifestieren allein dich nicht weiterbringt
  • warum wir unser Energielevel auf ein ein gewisses Niveau anheben müssen um erfolgreich zu sein und die richtigen KlientInnen zu finden
  • wie wir gemäss unserem Energietyp unseren Business Tag gestalten

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Die schriftliche Version zum mitlesen, vom Podcastinterview findest du hier: 

Brianna: Thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited!

Janna: Me Too. So please introduce yourself. Who are you and what are you doing?

Brianna: Great question. So I am Brianna Rose and I am a Kundalini business coach. So basically I help women entrepreneurs get laser focus on their message and share their gifts with the world by attaining energetic masteries include Illini using energetic mastery tools such as traditional Chinese medicine. We’re basically diagnosing your energy first and then building your business according to your energetic blueprint. So I help women scale to 6 figures, multiple 6 figures and beyond with ease, grace, flow and alignment versus hustling and burning out.

Janna: Wow, that sounds very on point and what I found so interesting is that you’re saying you start with looking at the energy first and then building from there. Where most of the business courses you find out there, it’s like we use this strategy, we will do this funnel or whatever, and then it’ll all work out. So it’s kind of a different approach and angle which are really, really like. Can you tell us a bit, how did you develop this? How did this come to you that you combine Kundalini, yoga methods, coaching and traditional Chinese medicine and energy work?

Brianna: Yeah, great question. So, long story short, I used to work in corporate business marketing and branding, I have my degree in advertising and marketing. My big career goal when I was like 17, 18 years old was I was going to be in Manhattan, I was going to be in corporate. I’m a New Yorker, so that was the dream, to be able to do that. So I did do that and it was not fun, it was super masculine and hustled. I learned a lot about building businesses because I was working with multimillion and billion dollar businesses, so that was a great experience. But I soon realized that the hustle life was not my life, but I wanted to live. So I shifted from corporate business and I worked in small business and it was still the same where it was strategies, funnels, just all the things that we hear about, all that masculine energy that we bring into business. I was 23, 24 years old, I had like a big salary, I had the car, all my student loans were paid off, I had everything that you were supposed to have, but inside I was miserable and completely disconnected from myself.

Around that time I had a spiritual awakening, 1 of my close friends passed away. My whole entire life I was a clairvoyant medium, although I completely prayed for it to stop because it was scary as hell to see spirit. So when this all happened, when she passed away, I was like, you know what, let me reignite these gifts, let me figure out how to channel energy, how to facilitate all of this and see what this is all about. Just so happened that while that was happening, the company that I was working for started hiring acupuncturists and Reiki masters and people of that nature. Coming from the business world, I was like, what the hell is that? Who are these people? I don’t understand this, like energy work, I don’t know. Then I started to get to know them and then I was like, hey, do you guys know anything about energy work, do you know anything about seeing spirit? And they were like, yeah, come talk to us. So that was kind of that transformative point for me where I dove deep into energy work. I left that business when I was 25, started my own business. I started doing branding and web design, that was my first business that I had. I did that for 4 years and it was kind of like the thing that I did to hide because I was behind the businesses. I was making all the things for them and I still fell into those old patterns of hustling strategy, burning out funnels, opt ins, all of those things that you’re taught because like that’s just the norm to build businesses. I was like, well, I’m going to be successful, I know how to build successful businesses and I wasn’t.

The business did okay. But it never really took off and I couldn’t figure out why until I dove deeper and started studying energy work, frequency work, quantum jumping, traditional Chinese medicine, Kundalini. So it’s like on the surface I was doing the branding, the surface level work and underneath it I was like head deep into all of this spiritual energy work. I kept hearing in my meditations and it was just in my head was is you need to stop doing branding, you need to stop doing design, you need to do coaching, you need to share this work out there. So I ignored it for a while because I was scared, I was like but this is paying my bills, this is safe, people always need websites. So just over a year ago I closed down that business and I opened up Kundalini business coaching because I saw the connection between frequencies and success, the Chakra system and success, learning how to diagnose your energy and creating your own formula to success. So I was scared because no one still really is doing it and no one was doing it definitely back then. I opened up the doors to Kundalini business coaching. Shut down my branding business. My first month in my one on one program booked out. I had my first, I think it was like 18k or $15,000 month. Then the business just exponentially grew from there. My first year in business I had half a million dollars.

That was all organically, no traditional business tools, funnels, ads. Then this year in 2019 we’re set to hit 7 figures. So there’s obviously something to it. Then just beyond my success, my clients are incredibly successful too because we’re aligning their energy first. We’re looking at the energy first, were diagnosing the energy first and then we’re creating a customized business plan for them instead of it being a cookie cutter, hustled type of energy. I just think that we got it wrong. Like we go into strategy first, all the hustling, all the funnels, all the things and then we get really stressed and overwhelmed and insecure and then we dive into the inner work. When we really just need to do the inner work first and then the funnels, the strategies, all those things can flow a lot easier. So that’s a little bit about my story

Janna: Wow. I find that super interesting. There are a few points that really resonated with me. You said you were in the business world and you were like so what are these healers doing? And I think also the other way around, people were very much in the energy world like a business do I really have to build that? Of course you need both sides. But I think our society is so much in the strategy, the masculine energy that we kind of forget that there’s another side to it too. So that’s super interesting to combine it. Can you tell my listeners a bit more about what yoga, Kundalini business coaching actually is? What kind of methods do you take from this world and apply to the business world?

Brianna: Yeah. Great question. So I’ll just start off with what Kundalini is because I think there’s so much information about it. So this is my experience of Kundalini yoga and meditation. I was taught through the lineage of Yogi Budgen. Basically Kundalini Yoga and meditation is a very specific form of yoga and meditation. I like to think that Yogi Budgen said that it was yoga, just to make it a little bit easier on us to accept it because it’s so far beyond yoga and it really as a science and the technology that you’re downloading into your energy system. So on the physical level, you’re practicing these movements, mantra, breath work, poses and postures. But energetically it’s completely alchemizing your entire energetic system. It’s rewiring your subconscious. It’s strengthening your nervous system. It’s balancing your glandular system. The way Kundalini Yoga works is there are things called (08:24) which are sequences of poses and postures that you do together for very specific results. There are over 8,000 of them. Yogi Budgen brought Kundalini yoga, meditation to America in late 1968. He came here and shared all this stuff. He shared 8,000 of these (08:43), which is incredible when you think about there’s so many. There’s literally like a (08:46) for everything. Each 1 of them has very specific reason why you practice it and it’s kind of like a prescription. You just are like, okay, I need to make money or I want to be, have a baby here, there’s 1 for fertility. There’s different (09:00) for everything you could possibly think of.

A (09:04) is mixed up of opposed posture, mantra or breath work that you do together in a very specific outcome. So when you’re practicing it, it’s a physical thing that you’re doing, but again, energetically it’s completely like rewiring your aura and your subconscious. So basically you’re creating sacred geometry with your physical body as well as your energetic body and that allows you to intercept your aura and basically reorganize your entire energetic system. So it’s really powerful. The (09:33) range anywhere from 1 minute long to 62 minutes long. So there’s 1 for everyone because if you’re like, I don’t have time, you have time to do something for 1 minute. Everyone has 1 minute, just don’t go on Facebook for 1 minute. You can do it. Then there’s ones for the people that really want to go into it for 62 minutes.

They all are so powerful. Basically when I first started sending Kundalini about 7 years ago and then I became certified a couple of years ago. But I really obviously just from my background, I fell in love with the success (10:06) and the prosperity (10:07), just because that was my nature with business building. I was like, this is very interesting. How does this work? So inside of my programs, I always say that the work I do, is a blend of the masculine and the feminine. The feminine we’re going through all the energy work, so we’re using the (10:21) to reconstruct your energetic system, to purge any lower limiting beliefs, to remove any lower learning patterns that might be stuck within your aura because that lowers your frequency. It doesn’t mean that you’re a low vibe. But we all have patterns and stories that are stuck within our energy systems because we’re humans and we just go through life and things have been passed down to us, things have been from past Karma. So using these (10:43) you can literally change your destiny, change your Karma. When that’s done, it’s like how could you not be successful? So we’re really working through and giving you like an energetic cleanse and then we’re looking at the business side of it, of, okay, how do we get laser focused on your message?

How do we build your aligned offering? How do we come into alignment with the numbers that you want to receive inside of your Business? How do we attract our soul mate clients? Because everything is frequency. The numbers that we want to receive inside of our business has a specific vibration to it, the soul mate clients that we want to call into our lives that are ready, willing and able to do the work and they can afford us, they have a very specific frequency to it. We use Kundalini to amplify your frequency so that way you are at that level and you can call him those things that you desire. So that’s how they kind of match up. When I work with my clients, I’m looking at what do they want to do instead of their business, what is the big goal and what’s the (11:35) that will accompany that and allow that to actually happen? So it’s like I said, it’s very balanced where it’s like feminine, the Kundalini (11:41), masculine, the strategy to make it happen. So that way both of those worlds can blend together in a super beautiful way.

Interviewer: Sounds very interesting. I mean, if we really break it down, you use the Kundalini methods, kind of like a training for your energetic body to actually be able to have that success. Right?

Brianna: Totally. Because the thing is, what I noticed with a lot of people and we see this too in the online business world where people are talking about like they’re crazy high months, but then they crashed or you get sick or they get the spiritual flu. That means that their energetic system could not receive the wattage of the numbers that they were calling in. So they have this high month and the next month they’re tired, they’re crash, they’re burnt out, they have cold, they have the flu. We can actually build ourselves up so that way we’re literally vibrating at that frequency. We call those numbers and it’s not going to crash our energy system because our energy system is like a computer. So when you’re downloading the software, if it’s too much and we don’t have the energetic bandwidth to receive it, of course we’re going to crash. So when we’re building our businesses, we think about all these high numbers, everyone wants to hit 6 figures, everyone wants to hit multiple 6 figures, everyone wants to have that 20k, 50k month. But can you actually receive it? You can do all the marketing that you want, you to do all the advertising that you want, you could do all of the external things. But if internally you don’t have that energetic bandwidth, that energetic endurance, it’s never going to happen.

Janna: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I mean it’s a bit like yes I can dream big, but when the dream is so big and so scary that I’m kinda with my energy always super low, I can never reach it. It’s also like with the physical body, I could say I want to run a marathon, but if I don’t train for it then I try to run the marathon, of course it will crash my muscles and my joints and everything

Brianna: That’s the exact reference that I use. I’m like you would train for a marathon, right? Like you go out there, you start running your first mile, your 5K, 10K or whatever it is. Same thing with building your business. We have to build up your energy system and then we have to take the aligned action on building your business. So we can’t just like sit and meditate and do the (13:46) and hope the clients show up. We do that first, but then we have to take action on building the business, going on Instagram stories, holding webinars, doing all of those things too. So that’s why we need both of those worlds, the masculine, the feminine to come together.

Janna: Absolutely. I think this is something which is also kind of a myth we find in online business is you only have to manifest and then it will be good.

Brianna: I’m like who’s doing that, I want to know because I don’t think that’s real. I wish we could just sit there and manifest and put things on a vision board and it just happened, but we have to take action. Also taking action is super fun too. When you’re doing business right the business will be fun. When you’re in alignment with your business and you have the aligned action and the business strategy in alignment with you and your energetic blueprint the business is fun. It’s not scary.

Janna: Absolutely. Can you tell us a bit more about this energetic blueprint? So do you specifically look at your clients and look how the Chakras are aligned or what kind of…? Do you use traditional Chinese medicine, I think? What kind of type they are? How does that work?

Brianna: Yeah, great question. So like I said, when I had that branding business, I spent so much time studying energy and patterns of energy and formulas of energy and how success really evolved. Then when I created this business and it blew up to half a million dollars in a year, I was like, okay, there’s something to this diagnosing piece. So I blend a couple of different formulas together. Basically I want people to be so empowered that they understand how their energy works and how to move energy in their body. Because if they understand that there’s no way they can’t not be successful because you master your own energy. So the way we do that is through traditional Chinese medicine, we’re using the 5 elements of fire, water, earth, wood and metal. So they’re understanding what’s going on in their body and then you do (15:41). So it’s very similar. Basically they’re understanding, where am I weak, where am I strong, where am I supposed to be? Because everyone has their own makeup of what the elements are and 99% of the time we’re out of balance because we’re just humans. We just come out of balance with what we’re supposed to be and that’s okay. But we have these tools to come back to center. So basically they’re learning how to diagnose themselves, they’re learning where they’re weak, where they’re strong, and then they’re learning how to come back into balance with their own natural energetic makeup. Then we’re creating an aligned to schedule for them.

So very similar to (16:13) in Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine clock. So every 4 hours the element changes. So they’re actually learning when they should be working on their business, when they should be launching their business, when they should be working with clients, when they should be writing content, we can figure that out specifically according to their own elements in their energetic blueprint. So they haven’t aligned schedule. This allows them to work less because they’re working during the hours that work best for them and then they’re eventually force earned more. So that’s like the Chinese medicine component. What’s also really great is I combine the Chinese medicine with Kundalini, so we’re looking at the Meridians and the pathways that the (16:48) are stimulating and working with. So we’re using the (16:50) actually as medicine. So someone that’s really weak in water, we’re going to give them like a water based type of (16:58) to help build them up and then they’ll practice it during water time. So they know exactly what (17:01) they should be doing, when they should be practicing it. So that way, again, everything is customized and unique to them. So that’s 1 component of it and then we also go into human design. So I have them look at their human design profile. Each profile type has a very specific strategy to becoming successful. So that way they’re programs that they’re creating will look very different. I don’t know if you’re familiar with human design, but basically a projector would have a very different business strategy than a generator just because their energy can hold just different levels of offerings and things of that nature. So we’re looking at those 2 components first, then we’re taking the (17:38) into consideration to heal all of that and then we build the business after that.

Janna: Wow. Prefect. I work with clients and I use (17:51) as a technique and that’s similar and we also look what kind of kind of type are you? Are you more the fire type, more the earth type, more the air type? What do you specifically need? We also incorporate nutrition and herbs to kind of really strengthen the body and the energy flow in the body.

Brianna: It’s an entire lifestyle. I say it’s holistic brand building. We’re looking at everything. It’s no longer just what’s my advertisement or what’s the market research or what’s the ad campaign? We’re looking at you as an entire whole because as an entrepreneur you’re a personal brand. So you yourself have to be good, strong and aligned for your business to be incredibly successful. I always say that your business is a reflection of your current energetic state. So if you yourself aren’t good, the business isn’t going to be good either. As we’re looking at all the business and building that accordingly, but then we’re looking at you and saying, okay, what is the most appropriate workout type for your energy? What is the food that you should be eating according to your energy? Then as well as essential oils, all these lifestyle tips that you can bring in.Because again, this is a holistic business, so we need to make sure that you are strong and good and aligned first that you’re vibrating and that only happens when you’re taking care of yourself in all areas. Not just the business, but we have to look at food. What are you eating? How are you moving energy in your body? Success really is a body language. So how is your body moving? What’s gonna work best for you? Someone that is completely burnt out and fire depleted, I’m not going to go tell them to go for a run because running is just going to stimulate more fire and they’re going to burn out even more. So, there’s all those different things that we’re bringing into all of this. That way again, everything is aligned and they are fully integrated with the success that they desire.

Janna: Yeah. I think this is super important to point out again, I think you also had that in 1 of your Instagram photos that you said and I believe in that too. I mean we’re not buying a product because we essentially like the product, but we like the person behind it. So if I’m drawn to your offer, I’m drawn to you actually and to the offer. But I mean if, if we wouldn’t resonate on an energetic level, I wouldn’t be interested in your offer, right?

Brianna: Yes. 100%. I think that Yogi Budgen spoke about this a lot, how we’re in the Age of Aquarius. We used to be in the age of Piscean, which is very masculine, like dictatorship and now we’re in the age of knowing and the divine feminine. We’ve all evolved whether we’re spiritual or not, everyone can pick up on energy, everyone can sense energy. So when you’re not in integrity with your business and you’re not in alignment with your business, people are going to feel that. It doesn’t matter how amazing your offer is. If you’re not in alignment with that and you’re not holding yourself, people aren’t going to book out and see your programs because they can feel that disconnect between you and your offering and you and your pricing and you and your messaging.

Janna: Absolutely. So you work with women specifically, right?

Brianna: Yes. I work with women entrepreneurs as of right now. but I’ve been getting a lot of messages from men that want this work. My fiancé is actually coming on board, he’s joining our team in a couple of weeks. I think he might have his own masculine based programs in the future because we’re just getting so many, either men reaching out or women that have gone through my programs, they’re like, my husband wants to join your work, but it’s all women. Can we create a program for him? So who was in the future something like that could happen. But as of right now, women entrepreneurs

Janna: Are there any specific challenges you experienced with a female entrepreneurs?

Brianna:  I think the biggest thing that I noticed is women feeling confident enough to be visible. I think that’s just from years and years and years and years, all the Karma that’s just always having to be repressed and kind of hide and stand behind and not really say what’s on our minds. Not Really stand up for ourselves or do we want to do, like always having to just like shut ourselves down. I think it’s just like the lineage that we’re all healing, like us right now is women entrepreneurs we’re healing all of that Karma for women from however many generations there’s been. So that’s what I notice right now is that a lot of women entrepreneurs, they have this beautiful idea, gift message and then they get so scared to share it. So a lot of the work that we do is helping them to become visible, helping them to be confident in their voice. Because when you’re able to communicate yourself and show up and share your message, that’s the most powerful thing. When you vibrate with your vocabulary and you are visible, people want that. People are just so enticed by that and they’re going to want to work with you. We can no longer hide. It’s not about just who can send the best emails, it’s who’s showing up on Instagram, who’s providing this beautiful value on webinars and trainings and showing up and sharing their message and actually being visible, like their actual face. Those are the people that are succeeding because the video captures your energy, so people are seeing your energy, trust you, then they want to work with you. So that’s something that I noticed that a lot of women are still struggling with. It’s getting better, but that’s probably the number 1 thing that I think is blocking a lot of women right now is what are people going to say about me? What are people gonna think about me? Like we’re going through all of that stuff right now.

Janna: So before you explain a bit more how we can work with you, I would like you to share a few simple tips everybody can do at home to raise their energy level. Especially for people who have never heard about this before, who are sitting at the computer right now looking at Facebook ads thinking energy that’s new.

Brianna: Yeah, great question. I’m trying to think. So there’s a couple of different things that you can always do. I think part of it is that realizing that everyone, we are also energetically sensitive. Just paying attention, I know that a lot of people we get up and we go right on our phones and then we’re scrolling and we’re checking our email. Then we’re like, why do I feel anxious? Why do I feel like shit right now? A lot of times we don’t realize we’re picking up on everyone’s energy that when we’re scrolling through Instagram or scrolling through Facebook or checking our emails, we’re looking at everyone’s stories. We’re absorbing all of that. The 1 quick thing that I always say to my clients specifically is do not scroll, do not wake up and scroll, wake up, do your morning, practice, meditate, get your cup of coffee, whatever you need to do to do that first. Do your work first and then check because we get so triggered because then we get into the story of she’s doing this, he’s doing that. Oh my God, he’s talking about this. I’m not good enough. The ego just has so much fun with us in the morning because we’re seeing everyone on Facebook where you can get so easily triggered. So that’s number 1, it’s just being cognizant of your energy and realizing that you are a sensitive, energetic being and just noticing that I think is huge. Then the second thing is I do have a Kundalini (24:45) challenge.

It’s free and it’s basically just to teach people what Kundalini is and it gives them a (24:52) specifically to work with. So that’s something that I can share with you the link and they’re basic, they’re strong. But it’s not like we’re going to be doing it for 62 minutes, like some of the (25:03). It’s definitely a great introduction to Kundalini, so that way you can experience it yourself. What I find is I can tell you all you want about Kundalini, how it works. You need to experience it yourself there. I can’t even put it into words how powerful it is. So I highly recommend going through that if you’re intrigued by Kundalini and just experiencing it and trying to create yourself. Even just after 1 day of it, you will feel something and you’ll probably be pumped because I know after my first Kundalini classes back when I was in corporate, I came out of that class and I was like, what the hell was that? I don’t know what that was, but something happens and I’m going to go back. So I think most people have that type of experience. I think that would be 2 great options for people.

Janna: Great. Yeah, thank you so much. I know that you do amazing work, that you have different options how people can connect with you. Can you tell us a little bit about that? What’s the process there and what’s maybe the success some of your clients already experienced?

Brianna: Great question. So my signature program is the ascension academy. Basically that’s like the intro to my world because it’s giving you all the basics of Chinese medicine, human design, Kundalini and business strategy. So I always recommend that first and foremost because that’s kind of like the baseline that you need to really get into my world. That program is absolutely incredible. It’s my baby. Basically it goes through the masculine and feminine of building your business and helping you scale to 6 figures and multiple 6 figures organically and then you’re also learning all of the (26:37) and all those yummy things. That program launches a couple of times throughout the year, but as we were saying just before this call, the program books out like 2 months in advance. So it’s February right now we’re enrolling for May because it’s just 1 of those programs that’s in such high demand because so much success gets created from it. So in order to join that program, you have to apply first and then we go on a phone call and connect. I only allowed 25 limit in at a time and everyone kind of gets hand selected together into the programs and make sure everyone is in energetic alignment together.

That’s why we had that application process and also to make sure you’re a good fit. So that’s the process to join the ascension academy. Most women that go through the program, it’s a 12 week program, typically by the second month they’ve seen a return on their investment, which is pretty wild. I just was speaking to 1 of my past students before and she quadrupled her business within 3 months. So she was already just under 6 figures and now she’s making multiple 6 figures. She was 1 of those people that came in super science based and had never experienced Kundalini before, had never even meditated before. I was like, you’re a bad ass, you’re coming into this like deeply spiritual program, have never done any of it and she was completely awakened by all of this work. Of course we’ve seen the success from it. But, the program, the women that go through this program see such amazing success, they’re seeing return on their investment within the first 6 to 8 weeks. Then typically they’re doubling, tripling their income and that’s like the norm. I’ve had over 100 women go through this program so far.

Janna: Amazing. And it’s probably not only the financial success, it’s also that I guess people feel better.

Brianna: Yeah. The woman that was sharing with me that she’s quadrupled her business. She’s like beyond it being an incredible financial success. She’s like, that’s great, but I feel so good. I’m so in alignment with what I’m doing. We completely restructured her business and all of the clients that are coming into her business are that soul mate level type of client. She’s like, I didn’t even realize that these people were out there. She’s like, these people, I just am so fueled by them. I think that’s the big thing here is that we can be incredibly successful and we can make massive impacts. I always say the work that we do here, the success is just a byproduct of it. Of course the success is going to come in, but we need to make sure you’re in alignment first, you’re good, you’re feeling good. Why would we be an entrepreneur and be miserable and be stressed out? That’s not fun. Let’s do something fun that you’re in alignment with, and then of course the success is going to come and that’s just a byproduct of everything else.

Janna: That’s amazing. Brianna, sounds like such valuable work and thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with so many wonderful women out there. So my last question would be, what is your big vision? What is driving you?

Brianna: My big vision, I’ve been thinking about this a lot because it’s kind of still like the new year phase we’re in February. I am just here to change the world. I am here to awaken women to their inner power and to show them that their dreams are possible. We can get out here and we can share our gifts with the world. We can change people’s lives. We’re here to raise the vibration of the planet. We’re here to awaken the masses. We are here to evolve consciousness. That’s what I’m here to do. I’m a catalyst for their transformation to be able to do that. Once we get that work out there, just think about what’s going to happen to the planet. There’s so much still darkness out here. When people start rising up and doing the deeper work and sharing their gifts, there’s going to be so much more light. So my mission is for light leaders, that’s what I call my community, for them to be the next millionaires and billionaires on the planet because when we have money we’re going to do so good with that. We’re just going to change the world. I also want to shake up the business game. I want to be a pioneer in the business game and saying, no, we got it wrong. We got strategy second energy first. Those are 2 of my big missions right now.

Janna: Wow. Thank you so much. This sounds like a very big vision, but very realistic.

Brianna: Yes, it’s happening

Janna: That’s a cool combination. Is there anything you would like to share with my community before we kind of wrap up this chat here?

Brianna: Yeah, great question. What I find is that a lot of times we’re searching for something, we’re searching for the message, the sign, the thing to tell you to do something. If you’re listening right here, right now and you’ve been waiting for that sign, here it is. Here we are, here’s your sign. Get out there, do it. Make massive impacts. You have the ability to change the world. So if you’ve been waiting for that sign, that thing, that feather, whatever that sign is to go forward with your big dream. Here’s your sign.

Janna: Thank you. Yeah, please. Everybody see the sign. I think a lot of people, also kind of wait for some kind of allowance, they need something that will allow them to finally start. This is also something, here is the sign. You are allowed. You have to do your work and change the world. Brianna thank you so, so much for sharing your wonderful, amazing work with us. I’m a real fan of your work because for me it’s also I combine business and health. I’m like, well finally there’s a person who gets it, who’s doing kind of something like that. Even if you’re using different traditions, but it’s like, yes, please bring these worlds together and don’t see them as separate. Like energy, business, health, these would be different kind of versions of us. No, it’s all together and then it can work.

Brianna: Yep. Agreed. I’m so happy we’re both doing this.

Janna: Thank you so, so much.

Brianna: Thank you!


Mit Dr Janna Scharfenberg